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Small, but not smart

Image In August of this year, writer Lee Child let slip that he intends to send his most famous hero, Jack Reacher, to the small screens. In an interview with BBC Radio, the author finally confirmed that the agreement has been signed and Reacher will become the central character of the series on one of the streaming services. Moreover, judging by Child's words, one should not wait for Reacher's return to the big screens performed by Tom Cruise.

The 2012 film was very successful and grossed $ 218 million worldwide, but its sequel was no longer so popular. Fans of Child's work accused Tom Cruise of the failure, who, they say, did not grow tall for the role of Jack Reacher, and the writer agrees with them:“I liked working with Cruise. He's cool, but the readers were right. Reacher's height and size are incredibly important to character development. When he enters the room, the people around him tense up, and Tom, despite all his talent, does not make such an impression. In this regard, I decided that there would be no more films with him. We want to work with someone like Netflix on a show with a brand new actor. And all those who were not satisfied with Cruz, I ask you to help me with the choice of an actor. We'll start all over again and try to find the perfect guy to play Reacher. ".

Perhaps, in terms of physical parameters, Cruise does not correspond to the literary image created by Child, but hardly anyone will deny that the actor's charisma largely determined the success of the film directed by Christopher McQuarrie. But Edward Zwick, who took over as the director's chair for the sequel, could no longer keep the energy and tension of the first part.


The series will be produced by Paramount Television, which this year successfully brought another popular action hero, Jack Ryan, to TV. Therefore, insiders suspect that Amazon's online service is the first in line to take Jack Reacher under its wing.

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