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Casting: Jack Reacher's Return and Finding Father

Image Following his colleagues in the successful musical drama Voice of the Streets, actor Aldis Hodge has received a tempting offer from Hollywood bosses - he is in talks to join Tom Cruise on the set of the sequel Jack Reacher".

In addition to Cruz , the cast also includes Danica Yarosh and Cobie Smulders. The director's chair was given to Edward Zwick, who, together with Marshall Herskovitz, wrote the last version of the film's script.

The sequel will be based on Lee Child's novel Never Go Back ( Never Go Back ), in which Reacher goes to his the old military base in Virginia, where he learns that its new leader has been arrested. And the main character himself finds himself in a terrible situation - he is charged with the murder of 16 years ago ...Who will play Hodge has not yet been reported.


In addition to being Aldis as rapper MC Ren in Voice of the Streets , he has also starred in series such as Impact ( Leverage ) and Rotate ( TURN ).

Glenn Close (Guardians of the Galaxy) is in the final stages of negotiations for a role in the comedy Bastards . Jay Kay Simmons, Owen Wilson, Ed Helms, Terry Bradshaw and Ving Rhames have already confirmed their participation in the filming. Laurence Sher's directorial debut will tell the story of two brothers ( Wilson and Helms ), from whom their mother hid the truth about their father all their lives. When the heroes find out that their careless dad is alive and well, they immediately go in search of him.


Close just plans to play Mrs. Reynolds - the mother of brothers, who in the distant 70s did not miss a single party and turned men as she wanted. Simmons and Bradshaw were cast as potential fathers.


Finally, James Caan (Misery), Paul Sorvino (The Goodfellas) and Jessica Walter (Arrested Development / Arrested Development ) are sent to the set of the thriller From Here to Infirmity . Erik Canuel will direct the production. The main character, named Jake , is a teenager whose girlfriend is in trouble. To save her, the guy turns to his grandfather and his old friend Smitty for help, who can turn the heat on even the most dangerous criminal. Jake is played by James Caan , and his comrade will be played by Paul Sorvino .

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