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Jack Reacher Sequel Gets Director

Image According to the news portal Deadline , Paramount and Skydance are in talks with Edward Zwick to lead the shoot sequel " Jack Reacher ". Together with colleague Marshall Herskovitz, Zwick will also finalize the script for the film. The original text was written by Richard Wenck.

The first film, based on a Lee Child novel, was directed by Christopher McQuarrie. He will be the executive producer of the second part. Tom Cruise is also ready to return to work on the sequel to the thriller.

Zwick and Herskovitz collaborated with Cruz on the set of The Last Samurai. The duo's track record also includes the romantic drama Love and Other Medicines starring Anne Hathaway.


For the first time about the creation of the sequel "Jack Reacher" Studios Paramount and Skydance started talking back in 2013. The sequel will be based on Lee Child's novel titled Never Go Back .The protagonist returns to his old military base in Virginia to chat with the woman who took over as head of the base. However, by the time Jack arrives at the scene, she is taken into custody, and he himself is accused of murder 16 years ago and evading responsibilities for raising his son. True, Reacher does not remember such sins, and now he will have to figure out what is really going on ...


The first film, released at the end of 2012, was able to earn $ 218 million at the box office on a production budget of $ 57 million .

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