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Don't make yourself an idol

Image The Hollywood Reporter reports that Tate Taylor will take over as the director of The Girl on the Train , an adaptation of the book of the same name by Paula Hawkins.

DreamWorks acquired the rights to the novel in 2014, even before it was published. The published work for several weeks topped the list of bestsellers according to The New York Times . Erin Cressida Wilson (Men, Women and Children) will adapt the plot of the book, and Mark Platt will be the producer of the project.

The thriller, which the creators plan to shoot in Hitchcock's signature style, will tell abouta young girl unwittingly drawn into a murder investigation. Unhappy married Rachel , driving past the same house every day on her way to work, sees a couple having breakfast on the veranda. The heroine even came up with names for them - Jess and Jason . Their life, unlike her own, seems perfect, but one morning Rachel witnesses a strange incident that will change her life forever ...


Tate Taylor has written and directed the four Oscar Oscar-nominated drama The Servant. Among the future projects of the filmmaker are the thriller The World Like a River and the adaptation of Stephen King's novel The Land of Joy.

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Author: Jake Pinkman