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Casting: Summer and Evans - on the train, Butterfield - to Cape Town

Image According to The Hollywood Reporter , Jared Leto and Chris Evans are in talks to join the cast of The Girl in train ".

Based on Paula Hawkins's bestselling book of the same name, Tate Taylor (The Servant) is in the director's chair, while Erin Cressida Wilson has adapted the book.

The plot revolves around Rachel (Emily Blunt) - an unemployed girl suffering from alcoholism. Every morning, as she travels by train past a cozy house, she watches a couple eating breakfast on the veranda. One day Rachel returns home stained with blood, and the main problem is that the heroine does not remember anything about what happened. Perhaps she witnessed the crime or committed it herself ...

Evans claims to be Tom - the ex-husband of Rachel , who eventually married his mistress (Rebecca Ferguson). Summer plans to play the wife of Megan (Hayley Bennett) - a neighbor whose life is closely watched by the main character.


According to insiders, the only obstacle for the actors may be their busy work schedules. Thus, Evans is preparing to shoot the drama Gifted, and in the spring he will take part in the promo-tour of the blockbuster Avengers Shatter. Jared Leto recently completed work on Suicide Squad and plans to devote more time to his musical career in the future.

Thanks to a stellar cast and a non-trivial story, which many critics are already comparing to Gone Girl by the intensity of passion, Girl on a Train could become one of the most anticipated films of 2016.


Asa Butterfield (Ender's Game) and Maisie Williams (The Fall) will star in the drama Arrivals . Fergal Rock will be directed by Peter Hutchings. Butterfield will play a hypochondriac who, after dropping out of college, takes a job handling baggage in Cape Town. His calm and measured life is disturbed by the appearance of a British woman with an incurable disease ( Williams ), who turned to the hero with a request to fulfill all the wishes from her death list.


Finally, Tracey Morgan ("Double POP") is in talks to get a role in the comedy Fist Fight . The film is a story about two school teachers who one day, because of a quarrel at work, arrange a real fist fight. Ice Cube and Charlie Day will play the main characters, and Morgan claims to be the school coach. Also in the cast of the film, which will be directed by Richie Keane ("It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" / It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia ), appear Gillian Bell and Dean Norris.

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