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Casting: Surrounded by Intelligent Monkeys and German Invaders

Image As it became known to the edition Deadline , the actor Gabriel Chavarria is negotiating with the studio Fox about getting one of the main roles in the film “ War of the Planet of the Apes "- the third part of the Planet of the Apes franchise.

The director of the previous film, Matt Reeves, will return to the director's chair of the sci-fi tape, and Mark Bomback, who also worked on the blockbuster "Planet of the Apes: Revolution", is currently working on the script.

The details of the project are so far kept in the strictest confidence, but the source says that the film will feature two main male characters, one of whom will be played by Chavarria if negotiations are successfully completed. Insiders compare his future image with the role of James Franco from the first part of the film series.


Gabriel Chavarria is a rising star whose filmography includes the dramas "Writers of Freedom" and "A Better Life". And next year, viewers will have the opportunity to evaluate the actor's performance in Ricardo de Montreuil's film The Lowriders.

Hayley Bennett (The Great Equalizer) will join Emily Blunt and Rebecca Ferguson on the set of Tate Taylor's Girl on a Train . The future thriller is based on the bestseller of the same name by Paula Hawkins, which was adapted for the big screens by Erin Cressida Wilson.


In the center of the action is the ordinary girl Rachel ( Blunt ), whose life is full of problems such as alcohol addiction, recent divorce and lack of work. Every day, the heroine rides on the morning train past a cozy house, on the veranda of which a happy married couple has breakfast. Rachel these people seem to be ideal, but once, having witnessed a terrible incident, she realizes that she should not envy other people's idylls.There are three main female roles in the film adaptation, one of which went to Bennett . The actress will play a girl named Megan .


Finally, Daniel Bruhl ("Race") signed up to work on the drama " The Zoo Keeper's Wife ", directed by Nicky Caro. The film, based on the novel by Diana Ackerman, is set in Poland in 1939, shortly before the creation of the Warsaw Ghetto . The main characters of the picture are Antonina Zhabinskaya (Jessica Chastain) and her husband Dr. Jan Zhabinskiy (Johan Heldenberg), director of the then famous Warsaw Zoo. The couple helped Jews who had escaped from the ghetto during the war, hiding them in empty animal cages. Bruhl got the role of Lutz Heck - a famous German zoologist, appointed the new head of the same zoo. Subsequently Heck fell in love with Antonina

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