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The film adaptation of ”Artemis Fowle” has found a director

Image For more than two years there has been no news about how the film adaptation of the books by Jon Colfer about the genius Artemis Fowle is progressing. Studio Walt Disney Pictures and The Weinstein Company back in 2013 began active work on adaptation. Now the edition of The Tracking Board reports that the project has got off the ground: Kenneth Branagh has been selected as director of the film.

The history of the adaptation of Colfer's novels goes back to the early 2000s. Then Harvey Weinstein bought the rights to the book under the banner of Miramax Films , and Lawrence Gatherman ("Mask 2") took the director's chair. Four years later, Disney bought out Miramax , and the project went into oblivion for a decade. In 2011, House of Mouse invited Jim Sheridan (Dream House) to the post of director and screenwriter of the film, but after a while he also decided not to continue working on the film. In 2013, Harvey Weinstein joined the band's producers alongside Robert De Niro and Jane Rosenthal.

The latest script was penned by Adam Klein, but insiders claim that Disney is looking for a new writer who can capture the atmosphere of Colfer's books. The upcoming film itself is positioned by the creators as a mix of "Harry Potter" and "Die Hard".


The first novel was published in 2001 and won success among readers, laying the foundation for a whole series of works about Artemis Fowle - a 12-year-old genius and an outstanding criminal mind, who, trying to get gold of the fairy people, meets the most dangerous creatures on earth.


Kenneth Branagh's filmography features such successful films as Thor and Cinderella, and recently rumors have circulated that Marvel is dreaming of getting a film maker for Ragnarok. The director also negotiated to lead the filming of the new version of Murder on the Orient Express.

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