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The Weinstein brothers will do animation

Image The path of Bob and Harvey Weinstein to the Olympus of the Dream Factory was long and thorny. In the 70s, the brothers had to organize rock concerts to make their dream of getting to Hollywood a reality. Having accumulated an impressive start-up capital, Weinsteins decided to open their own film company - Miramax . The long-awaited success in the world of big cinema came to Bob and Harvey only in the late 80s, when their studio acted as a distributor of the acclaimed documentary The Thin Blue Line and the cult drama Sex, Lies, and Videos. Since then, The Weinsteins have become the most successful producers in Hollywood, whose films compete for the most prestigious film awards in the world almost every year.

In 2005, the brothers left Miramax to found The Weinstein Company . Over the past twelve years, their company has presented viewers with many successful horror films, historical dramas and action films. Now Bob and Harvey are about to conquer the world of animation.

According to IndieWire , The Weinstein Company has opened an animation department called Mizchief . The new American studio will produce its own cartoons, as well as support artists and animators from around the world. Thus, the Weinstein company plans to act as an American distributor of the Chinese cartoon "Keepers of Doors" and the French-Canadian "Ballerina".


Mizchief also plans to create animated films based on famous children's books such as Philip Pullman's The Daughter of the Inventor of Fireworks and Cricket in Times Square b>"George Selden.

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Author: Jake Pinkman