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The genius of the underworld. Artemis Fowle Trailer

Image Often, film adaptations of books fall into the disfavor of fans of the literary source, especially if the filmmakers are free to use the original, and "Artemis Fowl" risks being on this list. After watching the trailer for the picture, admirers of Jon Colfer's work will surely remember the Disney studio with an unkind word. If in the books the title character appears as a criminal genius, in the adaptation of the House of Mouse he seems to have turned into a kind of superhero.

So, the film tells about the fantastic, exciting adventure of Artemis Fowle - a 12-year-old prodigy, a descendant of criminal geniuses, who is looking for his father, who disappeared mysteriously. In the process, Artemis makes an amazing discovery: he finds an ancient civilization. And since the loss of his father is in some way connected with this world, Artemis comes up with a plan that is so dangerous that he himself is drawn into a real war.

The main character in the adaptation was played by a newcomer to the world of cinema Ferdia Shaw. He is surrounded by more experienced Josh Gad, Nonso Anosi, Colin Farrell and Judy Dench. Filming was directed by Kenneth Branagh, who previously directed the new Cinderella for Disney.

Artemis Fowle
Dubbed Trailer

The premiere of "Artemis Fowle" will take place on 28 May.

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