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Syfy Tells Scary Bedtime Tales

Image As reported by The Hollywood Reporter , the Syfy channel is preparing a new horror series Channel Zero , which will be based on the best examples of the genre popular on the Web today< i>creepypasta. This area includes real or fictional stories distributed by users on the Internet.

Today there are many online blogs, forums and even shows dedicated to creepypasta. The concept itself comes from the English wordscreepy("creepy") andcopypaste("copy-paste").

Syfy plans to shoot the series in an anthology format, which means each season will have a separate storyline and characters. For the first chapter, the channel bosses chose a story titled Candle Cove , created by Chris Straub .

The story focuses on the role of the popular children's television show Candle Cove ( Candle Cove ) in the early 70s in a series of murder mysteries. -s and was a puppet cartoon series. The plot will not do without the dark secret of one of the heroes.


The script for the first season will be written by Nick Antoska ("Believe" / Believe ), and the project is being produced by Max Landis ("Chronicle").

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Author: Jake Pinkman