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USA Box Office flew to Mars

Image The first weekend in October ( October 2-4 ) turned out to be quite successful for the North American release. So, the leader of the top-5 did not have enough to break the record for the first weekend of October, set in 2013 by "Gravitation".

And the new film Ridley Scott " The Martian " topped the financial rating. For the flight to the Red Planet, viewers gave $ 55 million . "Gravity" , which started in the same period two years ago, was able to earn a little more - $ 55.7 million. In the filmography of Scott , this picture became the second most grossing on the debut weekend. losing only to Hannibal ($ 58 million).

"The Martian" completely riveted the attention of viewers and critics long before its release and was considered one of the most anticipated premieres this fall. The film, based on the book by Andy Weir, tells the gripping story of how an astronaut stuck on Mars is forced to survive using his ingenuity and all his skills.


Cinema lovers' interest in the film was fueled by rave reviews from critics who called it almost the best director's work in his entire career, simultaneously praising the talent of Matt Damon. An important role was played, of course, by the script by Drew Goddard, who managed to adapt the witty book Weir for large screens. In addition, in the wake of the recent news that NASA was able to find evidence of the existence of liquid water on Mars, viewers probably decided to see with their own eyes what is happening on the Red Planet. Circumstances turned out quite well, and The Martian became the triumph of the past weekend.


The leader of the past week, the animated film by Gendy Tartakovsky " Monsters on Vacation 2 ", moved to the second position. This time Drak and his friends managed to raise $ 33 million , and the total box office of the cartoon is already $ 90.5 million . Thus, the sequel continues to outperform the first "Monsters on Vacation" in terms of the amount of fees, which after two rolling weeks in 2014 managed to earn $ 14 million less. The reviewers noted that Tartakovsky in the second part managed to fully reveal the characters' characters and direct the story in a new direction, and among the mass of jokes one can find some philosophical reflections.


The crime fighter " Mercenary " Denis Villeneuve has finally been released in the USA. Overseas viewers gave $ 12.1 million to watch Emily Blunt play with Josh Brolin and Benicio del Toro, and in just three weeks the Villeneuve tape was able to earn $ 15.1 million . Studio Lionsgate was so confident in the success of the film that a couple of weeks ago they started working on a sequel. A distinctive feature of the film is not only the delightful performance of the three main actors, but also believability, because the action movie flaunts all the unsightly sides of the war between the American authorities and the Mexican drug cartels.


Next up in the financial category is the comedy Nancy Myers " Intern ". The audience liked the story of a 70-year-old grandfather getting an internship in a fashion online magazine so much that they decided to put another $ 11.6 million into the film's piggy bank, but in general they managed to collect the project $ 36.5 million . Of course, an important role is played by the fact that Robert De Niro himself appeared in the form of grandfather, and he carries coffee not to anyone, but Anne Hathaway, while sharing worldly wisdom with the young boss. As noted by professional critics, Myers has a light picture, flavored with a good portion of jokes and unobtrusive philosophy.


And while it is not going to leave the top five of the North American box office, the film Wes Ball " The Maze Runner: Trial by Fire ". The second part of the trilogy about the adventures of Thomas and his Glader friends earned $ 7.7 million over the past weekend, bringing its total result to $ 63.2 million . The audience continues to admire how the main characters get out of various troubles, and the creators of the picture are already preparing to start work on the triquel.

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