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Evening of detective games

Image After completing the plot of the Spider-Man reboot, Jonathan M. Goldstein and John Francis Daly decided to turn their attention to a new project. As reported by The Hollywood Reporter , the creative duo will stage the comedy Game Night * ( Game Night ).

Before filming begins, Goldstein and Daily plan to tweak the original script by Mark Perez (“We’ve been accepted!”). Game Night will be their second co-directorial film. The tandem of Hollywood authors made their debut in a new role last year with the comedy "Vacation", which did not attract critical acclaim, but more than paid off its budget.

The Game Night project has been in development since 2013, when New Line Cinema gave production functions to Jason Bateman . Since the actor has already scripted Jonathan and John in Horrible Bosses, insiders speculate that he may agree to perform at Game Night "One of the key roles.


In the center of the plot will be several married couples who have come together to while away the evening playing board games. However, soon the cheerful company will be drawn into a series of mysterious incidents and will be forced to play cat and mouse with a criminal ...

At the moment Bateman is busy on the set of the movie Office Christmas Party, in which the comedian was accompanied by his permanent on-screen partner Jennifer Aniston.


* - preliminary translation.

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