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Horrible Spider-Man Bosses

Image John Francis Daly and Jonathan M. Goldstein have been invited to write the script for the new Spider-Man , reports The Hollywood Reporter .

At one time, the filmmakers were on the extended list of contenders for the blockbuster director's chair, but in the end, the Marvel and Sony studios preferred Jonathan Watts. According to insiders, the bosses of the film companies were delighted with the ideas of the creative duo and decided to invite Daily and Goldstein to take part in the creation of the film as scriptwriters.

Recently, Marvel studio president Kevin Feige announced that the upcoming solo album Peter Parker , in which the famous comic book hero will return to school, plans to give spirit to the films of John Hughes.


Daily and Goldstein have experience working on scripts for both "adult" comedies (the "Horrible Bosses" dilogy), and projects aimed primarily at young viewers ("Cloudy , precipitation is possible: Revenge of GMOs "). It will be possible to evaluate the talent of the filmmakers already this summer, when they will present their film "Vacation" to the audience.


Tom Holland became the new performer of the role of Peter Parker last month, and a week ago Marisa Tomei entered negotiations with Marvel and Sony , who was offered to embody the image aunt May .

Spider-Man is slated to premiere on 28 July 2017 .

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