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McAdams at night

Image Clever and beautiful Rachel McAdams sat down at the negotiating table, the subject of which is participation in the new film of the company New Line Cinema . If the parties hit it off, the actress will join Jason Bateman in the comedy Game Night .

According to the portal The Wrap , the plot of the film will focus on a few married couples who regularly get together at night and play board games. According to the laws of the genre, one day everything will go according to a completely different scenario ...

Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daly prepared the final script. They will also direct the film. As for Jason Bateman , he will not only play one of the main roles in the film, but will also take over the production functions.


The year before last, Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daly released a remake of the classic comedy "Vacation". Despite a lukewarm reception from critics, the film managed to find its audience, and its worldwide gross was three times the production budget.

The timing of the shooting process for Game Night has not yet been announced. But the command "motor!" will be aired before Bateman reports on the drama series Ozark, which is currently being filmed for Netflix . In this project, Bateman combines acting, producing and directing functions.

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Author: Jake Pinkman