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How the Genie ended up in the lamp

Image As reported by The Hollywood Reporter , Disney intends to return to the world of Aladdin : the studio is preparing a full-length game prequel to the animated film of 1992 .

In the center of the film will be the beloved Genie , voiced in the original by the legendary Robin Williams. In the cartoon, for the first time, viewers see the hero already locked in a magic lamp, while the new project will tell how the Genie got into this lamp.

The film will be produced by Tripp Vinson (San Andreas Rift) and written by Damien Shannon and Mark Swift, who previously worked only in the horror genre. Their track record includes Freddie vs. Jason and Friday the 13th 2009.


The source also says that in the future, Disney plans to shoot a full-length feature film about Aladdin himself.

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Author: Jake Pinkman