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Walt Disney to movie Aladdin's prequel


Walt Disney Studio intends to shoot a kind of prequel to the famous Arabian tale about Aladdin and his magic lamp. This is reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

It will focus on the mysterious world of the genies and how one of them ended up imprisoned in a lamp. If successful with viewers, the first movie should be followed by a sequel, which will already be movieed based on the original fairy tale.

The script for the movie, tentatively titled "Gina", will be prepared by Mark Swift and Damian Shannon, who worked on the remake of the horror movie Friday the 13th. Terms of work and a possible rental schedule have not yet been specified.

Let us remind you that the last time Walt Disney studio addressed this topic was in 1992, when the animated movie "Aladdin" was released. Gina was voiced by Robin Williams.

Recall that in recent years, the Walt Disney studio has been actively movieing classic fairy tales. In particular, the painting "Maleficent" was released, dedicated to the witch from "The Sleeping Beauty". In 2015 the movie "Cinderella" was presented to the audience. In 2016, the premiere of the new "Jungle Book" will take place, and a year later a movie about Beauty and the Beast will be released. In addition, the studio plans to shoot a feature movie based on the animated masterpiece "Dumbo"

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Author: Jake Pinkman