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Guy Ritchie wants to ride a flying carpet

Image Last summer it became known that the studio Disney is planning to shoot a prequel to the animated film " Aladdin " - about the Genie . Now House of Mouse intends to return to the big screens and Aladdin himself - negotiations to head the shooting of a full-length feature film about the famous hero are Guy Ritchie .

Also, the site The Hollywood Reporter writes that the leadership of Disney aims to create an ambitious and unconventional story about Aladdin , so the choice of Guy Ritchie b>to the post of the director of the project is quite justified. The remake will be produced by Richie 's Sherlock Holmes colleague Dan Lin. The script for the new version is written by John August (Big Fish).

Animated film from 1992 told about a thief named Aladdin , who had the opportunity to make three wishes to the Genie , imprisoned in a magic lamp. The cartoon won two Oscars and became the highest-grossing film of the year both globally and at home.


The fame of Guy Ritchie was brought by the crime comedies "Lock, Stock, Two Barrels" and "Big Jackpot". The director's last work at the moment is the action adventure "Agents of ANKL", and next year Richie will delight fans with his version of the legend of Camelot - the tape "King Arthur's Sword".

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Author: Jake Pinkman