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Casting: pilot's wife and lover for two

Image The Hollywood Reporter reports that Laura Linney will join Tom Hanks and Aaron Eckhart on the set of the Captain Chesley Sullenberger movie.

This biographical drama is based on a true story about how, in January 2009, Sullenberger ( Hanks ) successfully landed a plane with two idle engines on the Hudson River. The brave captain Sally rescued 155 passengers on board. Linney will play his wife.

Clint Eastwood will head the biographical drama. The script, which will be based on the pilot's own memoirs, is being developed by Todd Komarniki.


The new project will be for Laura Linney the third work under the direction of Eastwood : the actress and director collaborated on the sets of "The Mysterious River" and "Absolute Power". Recent works by Linney include "Mr. Holmes" and "The Fifth Estate".


Jeff Bridges ("The Big Lebowski") and Rosamund Pike ("Gone Girl") are in talks to take part in the filming of Mark Webb's film " Lonely in New -York ". The main role in the project is assigned to Miles Teller, and the script was written by Allan Lob. In the story, a college graduate ( Teller ) one day finds out that his father had an affair on the side. Trying to save the parental marriage, the guy himself falls head over heels in love with the girlfriend of a walking dad.


Finally, Rory Culkin ("Hickey") and Lin Shai ("Astral") will star in the dramatic horror movie Jack Goes Home , shooting whom are entrusted to Thomas Decker. The protagonist is a successful editor of a Los Angeles magazine ( Culkin ), forced to return to his hometown to take care of his mother ( Shay ) who had an accident. At home, Jack begins to understand that terrible secrets are connected with his family, concerning not only the hero's relatives, but also himself. The cast also includes Brittany Robertson, Nikki Reed and Davey Chase.

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