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Pitch Perfect 3 is out

Image According to The Hollywood Reporter , Universal Pictures has given the go-ahead for the third film in the surprisingly successful Pitch Perfect franchise, about a group of girls practicing singing and chapel. The second part of the film series was released on the big screens less than a month ago, and its global gross has already almost reached $ 250 million with a budget of $ 29 million. Triquel in this situation was inevitable.

It is already known that Kay Cannon, who worked on the first two films, will be responsible for the script for the new film. It is not reported whether Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson will return to their roles. The director's chair of the project is also empty. Recall that Pitch Perfect was directed by Jason Moore, while Elizabeth Banks was appointed the director of the sequel.

Kay was nominated three times as a screenwriter for Emmy for her work on the comedy series "Studio 30" ( 30 Rock ), which was broadcast on the TV channel NBC from 2006 to 2013.

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