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Wilson and Kendrick will sing a cappella again

Image A week ago, it was reported that the studio Universal launched the triquel "Pitch Perfect" and invited Kay Cannon to write the script for the new part of the franchise.

At that time, the question remained open whether Rebel Wilson and Anna Kendrick , the stars of the first two films, will return to their images in triquel. Now the portal Collider reports that the actresses have officially signed up to participate in the project. The fate of the rest of the cast of the franchise is unknown. Elizabeth Banks, for whom the sequel to "Pitch Perfect" became the director's debut, is still listed as only the producer of the third film.

In addition, the bosses of Universal have decided on the date of the triquel's premiere - the vociferous students will once again delight the audience with their perfect singing July 21, 2017 . This means that the film will compete for the title of the leader of the box office with "War for the Planet of the Apes" and the new solo album of Spider-Man, which will open in theaters a week earlier and a week later, respectively.


To date, Pitch Perfect 2 has raised about $ 260 million against a modest budget of $ 29 million .

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Author: Jake Pinkman