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Saw Continues

Image In November 2013, we wrote that Lionsgate has decided to shoot a new part of the iconic Saw franchise. There was no news from the Hollywood major for more than two years, until today the portal The Tracking Board announced that the project finally acquired a name and scriptwriters.

" Saw Legacy " * ( Saw Legacy ) will be written by Josh Stolberg and Pete Goldfinger, who are familiar with the horror genre from their work on films such as Scream in the Dorm "And" Piranha 3D ". The film will be produced by the creators of the original Saw , director James Wan and screenwriter Lee Wannell.

The first film in the franchise premiered at the Sundance Independent Film Festival, where the distribution rights were acquired by the bosses of Lionsgate . Shortly thereafter, the film Wana gained immense popularity among fans of horror films and psychological thrillers, which allowed her to earn 85 times more than her modest budget of $ 1.2 million . Following the success of the original, Lionsgate began filming new film series every year. The production of seven parts of " Saw " was spent $ 64 million , and their gross at the box office was $ 873 million .


Insiders have yet to say if Legacy will turn out to be a reboot of the franchise or a direct sequel to Saw 3D.

* - preliminary translation.

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Author: Jake Pinkman