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John Kramer will continue to cut

Image The chances of moviegoers to see the continuation of the Saw franchise have grown significantly: the writers of the eighth part, Pete Goldfinger and Josh Stolberg, are already actively working on the text of the ninth. Bloody Disgusting writes about it.

Saw 8 made it to the big screens seven years after the release of the previous film in the series. The directors of the tape, Michael and Peter Spirigi, claimed that with their creation they wanted to pay tribute to the original "Saw" and introduce it to new viewers. The horror disappointed critics, and the fees at the North American box office left much to be desired. However, in other countries, John Kramer found much more fans, and the $ 102 million earned by the sequel with a small $ 10 million budget meant that the horror franchise would continue to exist.

In January, the first rumors surfaced that Twisted Pictures was considering filming a ninth installment. Apparently, the scales tilted in a positive direction for "Saw". And if the scriptwriters for the next sequel have been found, then the director's chair is still empty, since the Spirigi previously stated in their interviews that they would definitely not return to work on the popular franchise.


Now Goldfinger and Stolberg, who also worked on Piranhas 3D and Scream in the Dorm, have to determine the direction of the film series. There are plenty of options: Saw 8 laid the foundation for subsequent films, or the creators could reboot the franchise. Saw fans should hope that Tobin Bell will return to the role of Kramer, even if he will only be involved in flashbacks. Bell, by the way, had previously proposed his own idea for the sequel - to tell the story of the origin of Billy's doll and explain why it is so important to his character.

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Author: Jake Pinkman