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”I am very old ...”. Trailer for the Lego. Movie: Batman

Image As viewers rush to the theaters for Zach Snyder's blockbuster Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Warner Bros. has released a trailer for yet another Dark Knight movie.

This time, LEGO toys will be at the center of the action, dreaming of repeating the success of their predecessors - characters from the animated film “Lego. Film". The cartoon's directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller took over only the production functions of a spin-off called Lego. Movie: Batman ”, and it was directed by Chris McKay, who worked for several years on the series“ Robot Chicken . It is curious that the script for the movie was written by Seth Graham-Smith, who specializes mainly in horror movies (Pride, Prejudice and Zombies, Dark Shadows).

If in the blockbuster Snyder Batman and Superman , in addition to meeting in battle, they also confront Lex Luthor , then the animated alter ego of the Gotham Sentinel will face another classic villain - Joker .


According to the plot, serious changes are coming in Gotham, and in order to save his hometown, Batman will have to forget about the fate of a lonely avenger and learn to work side by side with other superheroes. The Dark Knight will be rendered invaluable by Robin and Batgirl .

The Lego Movie: Batman
Dubbed Trailer

The premiere of the tape Lego. Movie: Batman is set for February 9, 2017 .

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