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Universal will assemble a LEGO constructor

Image The LEGO film franchise used to do well under the wing of Warner Bros., but last year the rights to make LEGO films were abandoned, and large studios got involved in a war for them. The winner is Universal, and over the next five years, the major will delight viewers with projects about the popular constructor.

"Lego. Film "at one time surprised critics. The directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord managed to create a smart and original cartoon that appealed not only to children, but also to adults. "The Lego Movie: Batman" was also good, but the sequel to the first part and the tape about ninjago received less positive reviews than their predecessors. In any case, the franchise has brought in over a billion dollars for WB.

The WB-sponsored films understandably used studio-owned brands such as Batman and other characters from DC comics. Now that the rights have passed to Universal, viewers should look forward to the toys' journey into Jurassic World and possibly the Fast and the Furious universe. And there producers can get to the classic monsters.


It is noteworthy that LEGO is already tied to dinosaurs, but television: the animated series "LEGO Jurassic World: The Secret Exhibit" and "The Legend of Nublar Island" were released on small screens.

Source: Deadline

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