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Casting: company for Bourne and the girl on the train

Image The cast of the thriller " The Girl on the Train " continues to grow: yesterday we announced that Lisa Kudrow would join the film, and today the portal The Hollywood Reporter learned that one of Luke Evans received key roles.

The actor will replace Jared Leto, who was unable to find time for the filming of the film adaptation of the bestselling Paula Hawkins. By the way, Summer is not the first who dropped out of the project due to a busy work schedule: a week ago, Justin Theroux replaced Chris Evans.

The main character, unemployed Rachel , will be played by Emily Blunt. Every morning the girl watches from the train window a happy married couple having breakfast on the veranda of their house. Evans will play the role of a spouse who is under the scrutiny of Rachel .

Filming, directed by Tate Taylor, will begin shortly.


Last year, Evans could be seen in the films Dracula and The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, and not so long ago, the actor completed filming in the new version of Beauty and the Beast and the thriller A Message from the King .

Sam Claflin ("The Hunger Games: Catching Fire") got the lead role in the film Journey's End ( "End of the Journey" *) - the film adaptation of the same name plays by R.S. Sherriff. The actor will join Freddie Highmore, Paul Bettany and Toby Jones, who have already signed up to shoot in the project.


The film takes place on the front lines of the First World War. A group of soldiers prepare to fend off an enemy strike when they are joined by a newcomer named Raleigh ( Highmore ) - a childhood friend of 20-year-old Captain Stanhope ( Claflin ), leading the squad. Soon, the recruit realizes that the war has changed his former comrade beyond recognition.


Finally, Reese Ahmed ("Stringer") has joined the cast of the fourth Jason Bourne movie, with Matt Damon returning to the role. Alicia Vikander, Vincent Cassel, Scott Shepherd and Tommy Lee Jones also signed contracts to participate in the filming. Paul Greengrass has been chosen as the director of the next film of the popular franchise, along with Christopher Rouse, who also acted as a screenwriter. Although the details of the plot of the fourth part have not yet been disclosed, the source says that Ahmed got the image of one of the key characters - a technician from the CIA .

* -preliminary translation.

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