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”Nothing good at El Royale.” Hemsworth Dancing Trailer

Image Drew Goddard, nominated for an Oscar for his script for the sci-fi movie The Martian, is preparing to unveil his intriguing new project - the thriller Nothing Good at the El Royale, for which a dubbed trailer has appeared online. The movie will tell the story of a group of motley strangers meeting in a remote hotel on the border of Nevada and California. The action takes place in the 60s of the last century, and the central theme of the plot will be the atonement of the sins of the past with the "help" of a sinister leader of a cult.

Of course, our localizers got excited about "nothing good": "El Royale" boasts at least an excellent cast. The film stars Oscar winner Jeff Bridges (The Big Lebowski), Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Fifty Shades of Gray star Dakota Johnson and two-time Golden Globe winner John Hamm (The Young Doctor's Notes) , "Black mirror").

In addition to the adapted script for "The Martian", Goddard is familiar to moviegoers for the funky horror ride "Cabin in the Woods" and work on such successful Marvel TV series as "Daredevil" and "The Protectors." In addition, Drew is currently working on the script for the blockbuster X-Force, an ensemble action game that will provide an original take on the superhero squad we saw in Deadpool 2.

Dubbed trailer

Our viewers will be able to evaluate the new creation of Drew Goddard as a screenwriter and director on October 11.

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Author: Jake Pinkman