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The Martian Writer Intrigues Fox Bosses

Image Following the success of The Cabin in the Woods, the directorial debut of Drew Goddard , the filmmaker was invited to contribute to several ambitious projects. He initially volunteered to be the writer and showrunner for Daredevil, but later turned down the job as he accepted an enticing offer from Sony to work on The Sinister Six. However, things did not go very smoothly - after the release of the blockbuster "The Amazing Spider-Man: High Voltage", the major turned his attention to the reboot of the franchise about Peter Parker , temporarily forgetting about The Sinister Six.

On the other hand, Goddard during this time has received critical acclaim and a nomination for an Oscar for the script "The Martian." Now, according to the website The Hollywood Reporter , Drew is preparing his second directorial project, and, interestingly, it will be an original story. The title of the painting is Bad Times at the El Royale and the rights to it went to 20th Century Fox .

The details of the future tape are kept secret, it is only known that it is a thriller with elements of science fiction or even horror, that is, it may resemble "Cabin in the Woods" . They say that Goddard from the very beginning so protected his idea from outsiders that he sent a courier with a iPad to the highest ranks of Hollywood studios. The bosses, after reading the script application on the gadget, should have immediately returned it to the messenger.


This will not be the first collaboration between Goddard and Fox , the studio behind The Martian . We recently reported that Drew is tweaking the script for the second Deadpool and writing the lyrics for Robopocalypse.

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Author: Jake Pinkman