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John Hamm will try on police uniform

Image Emmy Award-winning John Hamm (Notes of a Young Doctor) has entered negotiations for a role in Steven Soderbergh's new project, Kill Switch. Don Cheadle and Sebastian Stan have already signed up to shoot in the crime drama, and in addition to Hamm, Cedric "The Entertainer" is aiming for one of the roles. The film was written by Ed Solomon (Men in Black) and produced by Casey Silver (Forgotten by God).

The action of the tape will unfold in the 1950s in Detroit, and in the center of the plot will be three criminals who started a house robbery. Only on the spot will they suddenly realize that the customer has tricked them, and now they will have to get out of a dangerous trap. Hamm plans to play a police officer chasing this team of would-be bandits. The drama will start filming in summer.

In addition to his successful work on TV, Hamm is also known for his film roles with such directors as Clint Eastwood (The Case of Richard Jewell), Drew Goddard (Nothing Good at the Hotel El Royale) and Noah Hawley (Lucy in Heaven). and soon we will see him on the big screens in the action "Top Gun: Maverick", where John will accompany Tom Cruise.

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