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Soderbergh will borrow stars from Marvel

Image Rest Stephen Soderbergh is only dreaming: we recently reported that the filmmaker is preparing a series for the Quibi platform, and now there is information about his new directorial project, a crime drama called Kill Switch. Soderbergh has already put together an actor's backbone for his film, and, apparently, in the war between Martin Scorsese and Marvel, the director, albeit indirectly, sided with the latter, since three stars from the Marvel Cinematic Universe will appear in his new film at once. Soderbergh recruited Josh Brolin (Thanos), Don Cheadle (The Warmaster) and Sebastian Stan (The Winter Soldier) to star in his film.

The crime drama will unfold in the 50s in Detroit. Brolin, Cheadle and Stan play criminals who are hired to break into a house, but the characters begin to suspect that they have been cruelly tricked.

Until the project received financial and advertising support from any Hollywood studio, however, given the stellar status of the persons involved in the work, the buyer will not keep waiting. Insiders claim that the script for the film, written by Ed Solomon (Men in Black), is no less good.


This year alone, Steven Soderbergh has released two projects at once on Netflix - the dramas "High-flying bird" and "Laundry". The comedy Let Them Talk, which was filmed for the HBO Max platform, is currently in post-production, and the director wants to start filming the film with Brolin, Cheadle and Stan next summer.

Source: Collider

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