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Channing Tatum wants to stage Gambit himself

Image In the long-suffering "Gambit" progress has again appeared. According to ScreenRant, Channing Tatum may take the director's chair for the project. The actor signed on to play Remy Lebeau back in 2014, when Fox planned to expand the X-Men franchise with mutant soloists.

In an interview with Deadline, Tatum talked about changing his image. When asked about Gambit, the actor hinted that he would not mind taking on the production of the film. It is unknown if Channing, who also produces the project, discussed his plans with Fox.

Let us remind you that Rupert Wyatt was originally the director. Then he was replaced by Doug Lyman, and then by Gore Verbinski, who, however, also left the project early last year. Until now, the director's chair for "Gambit" was empty.


Unfortunately for Tatum, the blockbuster may not make it to the screens at all. Recently, there were rumors that the development of the film was delayed due to the deal between Disney and Fox, after which the rights to the character will pass to Marvel. The merger is expected to happen in a few weeks, so even if Gambit hasn't been officially canceled yet, it might be a matter of time.

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Author: Jake Pinkman