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Tatum threatens to leave Gambit

Image As it became known to journalists The Wrap , the adaptation of the comics " Gambit " risks being left without Channing Tatum .

Producer Lauren Schuler Donner announced the appointment of Channing to play the mutant Remy LeBeau in the X-Men spin-off last May. However, now insiders insist that the deal between the studio 20th Century Fox and the actor has not been formalized. According to rumors, Tatum is currently leaning towards withdrawing from the film.

More recently, Channing delighted fans of " X-Men " by appearing at the Comic-Con festival, and therefore we can only guess what could have caused such a sharp change plans of the actor. Fox is planning to start filming " Gambit " in October and has already begun looking for a Tatuma screen partner. One of the actresses who received an invitation to audition was Lea Seydoux , who can be seen on screens in November in the 24th Bond film, 007: SPECTRUM.


Negotiations between Tatum and the film company may have stalled after Fox bosses estimated the film's estimated cost at $ 150 million . " Gambit " 's solid budget raises the question of whether the actor has enough stellar status to make the project self-sufficient. The actor's track record includes such box-office hits as the Macho and the Nerd franchise and Super Mike, but over the past couple of years he has also worked on the hugely flopped White House Storm and Jupiter Rising.


The release of " Gambit " is scheduled for October 6, 2016 , which forces producers and director Rupert Wyatt to either resolve the conflict with Tatum , or start looking for a new performer of the title role.

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Author: Jake Pinkman