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Shazam came for a long time

Image "Shazam!" just began to conquer American and world cinemas, but even in a few days the film proved that it has enormous potential. In the modern film world, this usually means one thing: to continue to be. And this is exactly the strategy that the bosses of New Line and Warner Bros. adhere to, since they immediately launched the sequel to the film.

For the first weekend, David F. Sandberg's film grossed $ 53.5 million in the US and another $ 102.3 million in other countries. These numbers are, to put it mildly, worse than the results of other projects on DC comics, but also the budget of "Shazam!" amounted to only $ 100 million, which is not so much by the standards of modern superhero blockbusters. What's more, the movie about Billy Batson and his alter ego holds a high 91% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, which Batman, Superman and Suicide Squad could only dream of.

The sequel will be written by Henry Hayden, who wrote the text of the first part, and David F. Sandberg should return to the director's chair.


I was satisfied with the first financial results of Shazam! and Dwayne Johnson, one of the film's producers, because the success of the blockbuster paves the way not only for its sequel, but also for the solo album of Black Adam, which Warner Bros. has been cooking since the mid-2000s.

Source: The Wrap

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