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Shazam has found an opponent

Image A week ago, New Line studio found the main character of "Shazam" in the person of Zachary Levaya, and now it became known who will play the central antagonist in the film. According to The Wrap portal, Mark Strong is negotiating the role of the villain Dr. Sivana.

Strong is no stranger to filming comic strips. The actor was recently featured in the action game Kingsman: The Golden Ring, and in 2011 he played Sinestro in Green Lantern. Strong's character was supposed to become the main villain of the second part, but due to the failure of the first at the box office and the beginning of the construction of the DC universe, it remained only on paper. Perhaps it will be Shazam that will become Strong's finest hour in the world of superhero blockbusters.

Dr. Sivana is a classic example of a mad scientist. He was one of the most prominent minds of his time, invented unusual devices, but society did not take Sivana seriously. In early comics, he left Earth on a spaceship he created, and then returned to take revenge on the offenders. In later editions, Sivana appears as an authoritative scientist who goes all out after science fails him. The paths of Sivana and Shazam crossed when the latter was just starting the path of a superhero. The doctor quickly realized that Shazam was the alter ego of a guy named Billy Batson, and began to threaten him in real life.


Initially, the main antagonist of "Shazam" was supposed to be Black Adam performed by Dwayne Johnson, but the bosses of New Line decided that the villain deserves a separate film, which is being worked on in parallel with "Shazam". The latter is directed by David F. Sandberg, and sources say Grace Fulton, who worked with the director on the second "The Curse of Annabelle", also joined the cast of the Batson film.

Filming for the blockbuster is slated for early next year.

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Author: Jake Pinkman