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Shazam Creators Hired Stunt Coordinator Thor 3


Shazam, which will be based on DC Comics, has hired stunt coordinator Kyle Gardiner, who previously created the Thor 3: Ragnarok stunt sequence. This is reported by the publication Comic Book.

It is alleged that the project has already entered the final stage of preparation for movieing. Whether the Justice League failure will have an impact on this process is not yet specified. The working title of the project is "Franklin". Key roles are to be played by Zachary Levy, Mark Strong, Grace Fulton and other actors. Directed by David F. Sandberg.

The main role is a young man who acquires the ability to turn into a powerful superhero by uttering the magic word "Shazam". will be performed by Levy. Recall that he also starred in the Marvel Thor series of movies.

Mark Strong has been offered the role of Dr. Sivana. This is one of the key opponents of Shazam in the original comics. A mad professor, he usually does villainy in the company of his family, or rather four children (Magnificus. Beautia, Georgia and Thaddeus Jr.). Sivana has repeatedly tried to conquer the world.

The release of the movie "Shazam" is scheduled for April 5, 2019.

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