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Blue Wave to be adapted for TV


One of the most popular surfing movies, Blue Wave, is set to receive a TV version. According to Deadline, NBC has commissioned the development of a script based on the 2002 feature movie by Imagine studio. Kate Bosworth, Michelle Rodriguez and Sano Lake starred in John Stockwell.

Lizzie Weiss ("They Mixed Up at Maternity Hospital"), who worked with Stockwell on the script for the movie, will write the adaptation and will executive produce with the producer of the original movie by Brian Grazer ("Splash") and Frankie Kalfo. The series will be co-produced by Universal TV and Imagine Television.

In the 2002 movie, three friends (Bosworth, Rodriguez and Lake) live in Hawaii and surf the famous North Shore. The movie became a hit and propelled the careers of Bosworth and Rodriguez. In 2011, a sequel was released, which was released immediately on video media.

"Blue Wave" will join the list of series developed on the basis of feature movies. In the works are: "American Gigolo" (Showtime), "Heist in Italian" (NBC), "Island of the Damned" (HBO), "School of Rock" (Nickelodeon), "Jack Ryan" (Amazon), "Enemy of the State" (ABC), Enemy Lines (Fox) and The Lost Boys (The CW).

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Author: Jake Pinkman