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NBC is getting ready to hit the wave

Image One of the most popular surfing films, The Blue Wave , is hitting small screens. As the site Deadline managed to find out, NBC has started work on the series based on the 2002 film.

The original was directed by John Stockwell and stars Kate Bosworth, Michelle Rodriguez and Sano Lake in Blue Wave . Lizzie Weiss, who co-wrote the film with Stockwell , will write the television adaptation. Brian Graser, who produced the film, was also involved in the project.

Stockwell tells the story of three best friends who live in Hawaii and work in a hotel, and devote all their free time to their favorite pastime - surfing. The film was a real discovery and gave a good boost to the careers of Bosworth and Rodriguez in Hollywood. Subsequently, there was even a sequel to the tape, but it went straight to the video.


The scenic views of Oahu have been delighting fans of Hawaii Police ( Hawaii Five-0 ) for years now, but if the remake of Blue Wave follows in the footsteps of the original, then in addition to the beauty nature viewers will also have the opportunity to admire those who conquer the ocean waves under the inviting summer sun.

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Author: Jake Pinkman