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The movie adaptation of Slender has a director


Screen Gems has announced that Sylvain White will direct the Slenderman movie. Filming will begin in spring 2017, according to Deadline.

Scripted by David Birk, "Slender Man" will tell the audience about the hero of urban legends - a skinny and tall creature with enormous limbs, who is responsible for countless missing children and adolescents.

Recall that Slenderman in his most famous form was created in 2009 for a paranormal photography contest. Over time, this hero gained immense popularity thanks to the horror stories of "creepypasta", which eventually led to the creation of a series of games.

The first of them was "Slender: The Eight Pages", which tells the story of a police officer who is looking for children abducted by this creature in the forest, while collecting notes left by them. The project made a big impression on the audience and greatly increased the popularity of the character. Then, in 2013, Slender: The Arrival came out, which had a much more complex storyline, longer gameplay and improved graphics (the game was already a commercial project, not free, like its predecessor).

One movie has already been shot about Slender, which was released on May 7, 2015. The project received rather low ratings from critics, but the audience noted the good atmosphere and good camera work.

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Author: Jake Pinkman