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The director was found for the film about Slenderman

Image The first glory came to Slenderman back in 2009 - then he turned from an Internet meme into a legend and became a real phenomenon. The story of a mysterious lanky figure without a face, kidnapping children, had such a huge impact on ordinary people that there are cases when in the name of Slenderman crimes were committed in real life.

Given the popularity of the stories about Slenderman on the Web, the film about him was only a matter of time. Last May, we reported that Screen Gems intends to make a film about the Internet legend, and now the site Deadline managed to find out that the project has found a director - it will be Sylvain White .

The filmmakers have even decided on the start time of filming - they will start in the spring. White has to implement the scenario of David Burke ("She", "13 Sins"). While the details of the plot have not been disclosed, but if Slenderman in his own project appears as something like Michael Myers and succeeds at the box office, then he may well count on a whole franchise. And Screen Gems management hopes that the faceless person will become a new horror icon, like, for example, Jason Voorhees or Freddy Krueger .


The director Sylvain White has worked in the television field in recent years, but before that he managed to shoot the musical drama "Yard Dances" and the crime thriller "The Losers". There is also a horror film in the director's track record - White led the filming of the tape "I will always know what you did last summer", the sequel to the famous slasher film.

The Topic of Article: The director was found for the film about Slenderman.
Author: Jake Pinkman