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Jamie Lee Curtis will play Halloween again


Jamie Lee Curtis returns to the franchise that made her famous. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the actress will play in a movie called "Halloween", which Universal Pictures will present to viewers on October 19, 2018, that is, exactly four decades after the release of the now considered classic of its horror movie genre.

This information was confirmed on her official Twitter page by the actress herself. "Same porch, same clothes, same circumstances. 40 years later. Returning to Haddonfield for the last time on Halloween," she wrote. The director of the movie is David Gordon Green, the creator of the movies "Pineapple Express", "Lord of the Marking" and others. The production will include studios Blumhouse, Miramax and Trancas. Original movie creator John Carpenter will serve as producer on the project.

Halloween was released in 1978 and enjoyed great success with audiences. Many sequels were subsequently movieed, none of which succeeded in repeating the success of the original. Jamie Lee Curtis starred in the sequels, in particular the movie "Halloween: 20 Years Later."

In 2007, a new version was presented to the audience, which was directed by director Rob Zombie.

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