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Jamie Lee Curtis will direct horror

Image Jamie Lee Curtis has made her contribution to the development of the horror genre: for four decades, the actress has remained an implacable enemy of the maniac from the Halloween franchise. Soon, viewers will see another round of their eternal confrontation, but for now Lee Curtis decided to leave another mark in horror history - this time as a director.

The actress will lead the production of Mother Nature for Blumhouse, which produces the final installments of Halloween. Lee Curtis will also co-write the script along with Russell Goldman. Little is known about the plot of the project, but the story is somehow related to climate change. The film will be filmed as part of a three-year agreement signed between Blumhouse, Lee Curtis and her company Comet Pictures.

For the owner of two Golden Globes, the new project is not the first experience in directing, but before Lee Curtis practiced only on television - on the set of the series Nothing But Love and The Scream Queen.

Source: Deadline

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