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Dwayne Johnson will not be movieing in Shazam


Dwayne Johnson, who has been waiting for the opportunity to play the popular DC comic antagonist Black Adam for several years, will not be starring in another adaptation - the movie "Shazam". This is reported by The Wrap, citing its sources.

The reason for such a decision by the creators of "Shazam", which is expected to start shooting in early 2018, is unknown. Note that, according to the mythology of the comics, Black Adam is the main enemy of Shazam, or as he is also called Captain Marvel.

In the original source, Black Adam was a prince of Ancient Egypt named Tet Adam, whom a powerful wizard chose as his successor and endowed with the supernatural. However, the newfound power corrupted Theta, he rebelled against the pharaoh who ruled in Ancient Egypt and seized his throne. The disappointed mentor of Adam, unable to take away the granted power, names his disciple Black Adam and sends him into exile in a distant star system. But after five millennia, Black Adam still managed to return to Earth.

As for the movie "Shazam", its premiere should take place in April 2019. The prospects of the project dedicated to Black Adam at the time of this writing have not been specified.

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Author: Jake Pinkman