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What we expect from Red Dead Online


More recently, Red Dead Redemption 2 was released, which was almost unanimously named by the gaming media as one of the best games of our time and made its creators $ 725 million in just the first three days of sale. A phenomenal success, especially considering that the advertising campaign presents the new western as a purely single-player adventure, and any details about the multiplayer Red Dead Online are still kept secret. Therefore, while the "Rockstars" remain silent, we decided to give free rein to our imagination and tell you what we most expect from Red Dead Online. Of course, taking into account the setting of the game and Rockstar's past developments in the multiplayer genre.

The gang system

Create your own criminal gang, instill fear in the nearest settlements, steal stagecoaches, rob banks, and then gallop towards a blood-red sunset in the company of your comrades, accompanied by thunderous shots and epic music ... Could there be anything better? We hope that in Red Dead Online it will allow you to taste all the delights of the life of crime and put together your own gang or join one of the already created groups. As a separate moment, I would like to see the global reputation system and the confrontation of gangs in order to finally decide who is the best criminal in the entire Wild West.

What we expect from Red Dead Online

Unscripted Heists

The heist system was one of the main multiplayer gems in GTA V, which is also perfect for Red Dead Redemption 2. And we are sure that in one form or another we will see it in the western, unless we would like to to participate in the robbery was not presented as a separate scripted mission. The best option - if the "Rockstars" will release both several staged robberies for Red Dead Online, and provide an opportunity to rob the nearest train or store at any time. In general, they will transfer the robbery mechanics from single player to multiplayer without any major changes.

What we expect from Red Dead Online

Bounty Hunting

In Red Dead Redemption 2, Arthur Morgan can either hunt for notorious criminals on a tip from the sheriff, or become a victim of bounty hunters himself. It seems to us that such a mechanic would look great in multiplayer mode, if real players take on the role of the victim and the hunters. The bounty hunt mechanic would work in two directions at once: it would offer some players the opportunity to earn extra money and take part in PVP, while others would be punished for particularly aggressive behavior and killing oncoming players.

What are we expecting from Red Dead Online

Multiplayer mini-games

Rockstar has recreated several minigames in RDR 2 in great detail, including poker, dominoes or knives. You can really have fun behind them, even if you don't get very rich. Of course, we would like to see them all in multiplayer mode. Just imagine, real online poker with friends, to play in which you do not have to pay real money, and what can we say about the opportunity to clean the wallet of a random gamer to the skin - such sensations are invaluable.

What we expect from Red Dead Online

Adequate updates

We have no doubt that for several years after the release of Red Dead Online, multiplayer will be actively supported by new content and in-game events. Our only concern is that Rockstar would not follow in the footsteps of GTA Online and turn the game into a farce. I really would not want Red Dead Online to turn into a game analogue of the movie "Cowboys vs. Aliens" in a year, where the most famous bandits of the Wild West shoot with blasters and cut across the prairie on unicorns. We hope that there will be a lot of new content, always of high quality, versatile, but within the setting.

What are we expecting from Red Dead Online

The Red Dead Online Beta is slated for release this month and is rumored to include the popular Battle Royale mode and Rockstar Editor to record, edit, and share in-game video. In the meantime, the release of multiplayer has not taken place, you can check out useful guides that simplify the passage of Red Dead Redemption 2 - the first and second part of the collection with various gameplay secrets and 7 tips before starting the game.

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Author: Jake Pinkman