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Dan Hauser Leaves Rockstar, Atomic Heart Teaser, Sony Opened PS5 Page - 2.01 Game News Digest from Cadelta. Part two


Read also in the news: the results of Steam 2019, Phil Spencer named Google and Amazon as the main competitors, the System Shock 3 team is overclocked.

Dan Hauser leaves Rockstar

Rockstar Games Creative Vice President Dan Hauser, as reported by Take Two Interactive, is stepping down. After taking a long vacation last spring, he will leave the company in March. The reasons for leaving were not reported.


The post says that the company is overly grateful to him for making some of the most established gaming worlds to become commercially successful, and for building a global community of dedicated fans and a close-knit, professional team.

He will leave the company on March 11 this year. Dan Hauser is the co-founder of Rockstar, which he created with his brother Sam in 1998. He wrote scripts for all games in the GTA series, and also actively participated in the creation of LA Noire, Max Payne 3 and two parts of the RDR.

Fresh teaser for Atomic Heart has been released

The creators of Atomic Heart, the USA studio Mundfish, rarely give us information about their project. Fortunately, they recently revealed a new gameplay teaser for Atomic Heart to IGN.

Despite various and not very pleasant rumors that the studio does not have enough smart people, and the game is slipping into a production hell, it seems that the project is doing well. And it’s just someone who is stirring up trouble.

The game will be released on PC, PS4, Xone, but no release date yet. Also remember that the game will not have multiplayer, but only a single company.

The PS5 page was opened on the PlayStation website

Approaching the release of their new console, Sony has opened a page for the next console on its website. There is a minimum of information, and we are encouraged to subscribe to the newsletter to keep track of new information. Under this pretext, they say that they have already started talking about the incredible capabilities of their console, but they cannot yet lay all the cards on the table.


However, in their mailing list, they will talk about what else the console can do, its price and release date. It also became known that Sony is in no hurry to disclose the price of its set-top box, as it may be influenced by the price of competitive consoles.

Last Year's Steam Results

This week Valve presented a report of their store for the past year, and also shared plans for the development of the site in the next.


Last year results:

  • Steam users played a total of 20 billion hours in 2019.
  • The total number of platform users has grown to 95 million.
  • Steam workshop has replenished this year by 4.3 million products.
  • Over the year, the number of successful games released on the incentive has increased compared to last year.
  • Pages hosting additional content received 121 million visits.
  • The last sale was the most successful for the service.


Development plans for 2020:

  • Over the next few weeks, Valve will release a compilation of platform data to provide insight into the state of the platform.
  • Steam Trust will be provided to absolutely all developers.
  • Steam Lab will have several new features, and some existing ones will be shared.
  • Steam VR will receive an update, and the company plans to actively develop the library, chat, Steam TV and other features.

The head of the Xbox said that Sony are no longer their main competitors, they are now competing with Amazon and Google

It looks like we will no longer see a traditional console war, as in a recent conversation with Protocol, Xbox CEO Phil Spencer said that the company no longer considers Sony and Nintendo its main competitors.

Microsoft believes that the future of gaming is in the cloud, and the main players in this market are Google and Amazon.

According to him, they respect Sony and Nintendo, but traditional gaming has a completely different state of affairs. Sony could have tried to recreate Azure, but they [Microsoft] have invested billions of dollars in their cloud platform over the past few years.

According to Spencer, they have nothing to do with new console wars, while Google and Amazon try to bring gaming to the world, which is their ultimate goal.

Be that as it may, the company is currently developing the Project xCloud cloud platform. With all this, the Xbox X Series will still be released this year, and it is unlikely that the company will let absolutely everything go by chance, and will not oppose its main “non-competitors” from Sony.

Inside: The System Shock 3 Team is almost completely disbanded

System Shock 3 is officially created by OtherSide Entertainment. The game even has several teasers. However, according to insiders, the project is not so rosy, and the development team is almost completely disbanded.

At the end of the year, it was reported that several key developers, such as the senior environment artist and the lead programmer, had left the project. The other day, a person on the RPG Codex forum under the nickname Kin Corn Kan spoke about the development of the project, saying that he is one of the developers.


According to him, the studio has two offices, one in Austin, Texas, and the other in Boston Massachusetts. The guys from Texas worked on the game, but the studio closed at the end of the year. The insider claims that there are several things that lead the project to a bad outcome:

  • The design team had a shortage of staff and good leadership. Also, Unity turned out to be not the best engine for the game.
  • A lot of work done on the demo had to be thrown away, despite a lot of investment.
  • The failed Underworld Ascendant was bad for even the Austin office, even though they weren't involved in development.
  • Publisher Starbreeze has gone bankrupt.

Fortunately, there are a few more positives, for example, Project Manager Warren Spector understands perfectly what System Shock is and knows what it does. The studio has touched on the innovative gaming systems in the project, and the internal demos of the game look amazing.

An insider says he doesn't know what's going on in the studio's office, but claims that the Austin-based team no longer works there. Before that, the game had a great core around which the content was built, but the creators did not meet the deadlines.

Kin Corn Kan's words are in line with those of Jason Schreyer, who argued that Spector and the studio are now looking for new employees after the layoff.

According to an insider, they do not want to stop development, and they cannot transfer to the Boston branch, since they are engaged in an unannounced project, and even after the failure of Underworld Ascendant, they cannot transfer such an important franchise to them.

This was all the important news for the end of the week, stay tuned.

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