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What will GTA 6 be like?


With co-founder Dan Hauser leaving Rockstar and speculation that the next game in the GTA series has been canceled, nothing can be expected. And this just perfectly reflects the status of the game itself. There are many rumors about her, but we cannot say anything so reliably about her.

The amount of information about what GTA 6 will be that accumulates around the game can only be compared with the amount of moralists' hat pouring on each new part of the series after the release. However, among a ton of fakes, you can also dig up interesting information coming from insider leaks and one way or another emerging in the news reports of Western journalists.

Alice will tell you what this more or less reliable information is in her new video dedicated to the most plausible rumors and leaks about GTA 6. It is foreseen that a female character will be waiting for us for the first time, two cities at once, and the game will be announced possibly already this year. See the video for what else we know about GTA 6.

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