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Guessing what to expect from GTA 6


The release of a new GTA is always a landmark event. Millions of people around the world are cheering and preparing their money, and Rockstar is preparing shovels to row these tons of dough. But politicians, religious leaders and just conservatives, who consider games to be the root of all world problems, are preparing magnifying glasses in order to see the next propaganda of violence in the game and sue developers. And it's not hard to see why: blood, violence, sex and drugs - all these themes are exaggerated by the game, turning them into one of the best satires on Western American society in video games. It is not known when the next part of the great car theft will be released, but this does not prevent us from guessing what GTA 6 will be.


Let's start with guesses about the GTA 6 setting. We can safely assume that we will return to one of the major cities that have appeared in other games in the series. It can be both Liberty City and, more likely, Vice City.


In September, there was a rumor that the studio intends to introduce two cities at once - Las Venturas and San Fiero, which will be located in the neighborhood on one large map, which is 4 times larger than the previous one.


Although it is possible that a new city awaits us. There is a rumor on the network that he will be written off from Rio de Janeiro. It would be a pretty cool step to let us see the world outside of the United States. However, I would argue, since one of the pillars of the series is ridiculing American culture and exaggerating trends of a particular era. And although at one time the action of the series took place in London [by the way, in 2017 there were thoughts that Rockstar would move the scene of the next game there], this was long before the three-dimensional universe in which GTA became as we know it now.


And just for such inveterate fans who do not want to go beyond North America, there is a theory that in GTA 6 we will see the entire map of the USA. Both new and old cities will be waiting for us there. This idea has flashed on an anonymous developer forum, and it seems like sheer madness. The contributor claims to be one of the developers of Rockstar and is working on a project where the setting is the entire US map. Honestly, it's hard to believe. This information is more like the wet dreams of a little schoolboy in the comments on some GTA 5 forum.


There is little information about the plot of GTA VI, but from the few clues we can say that we will be waiting for a classic by the standards of GTA game according to the "rags to riches" formula. We will play as a petty criminal again. Who, in pursuit of the American dream, gets involved in gangster everyday life, performing more and more daring crimes.



But with the characters, everything is much more realistic. For starters, there is a good chance that we will again play as several characters, and one of them for the first time in the history of the series will be a woman. So, rumors indicate that we will play as a former sex worker Teresa. The second character will be the owner of the club, and the third - a kind of redneck. Perhaps, as in the last part, they will have archetypes: a poor man, a tired rich man and having gone. Although it is unlikely that Rockstar will start repeating itself.


There is still speculation that we will control only one hero, the smuggler Ricardo, and we will build a large drug empire.

The idea with a female character seems to be the most realistic and very cool, as it can show us aspects of GTA from a completely different point of view.


But there is very little information about the gameplay and its innovations. According to one of the leaks, after Red Dead Redemption 2 the company slightly changed its approach to realism and in GTA 6 we will clearly see echoes of the cowboy western. Realism, of course, will not be the same as there, but it will become much more difficult to get large weapons like RPGs, and you can only buy a limited number of weapons in stores. For the same reason, the game will tweak the balance, drawing a new line between realism and entertaining gaming conventions.

According to the classics of the genre, we will have access to real estate management, robberies, development of our own business and the implementation of relevant quests related to it. We will not do without mini-games such as cards, bowling, amusement park rides, etc. Emphasis will also be placed on the development of shopping centers, restaurants and police stations. Hopefully, there will be a lot more movies in theaters this time around and an even wider range of TV shows on TV.

But this has happened before, but from the new features, if you believe the leak in September this year, we will face natural disasters. So what you could only get in mods may become reality and we will have to hide from cyclones and tornadoes.



Although we didn't even have a hint of an announcement from the developer, we can say with more confidence that the game will still be. But on which platform is another question. It is assumed that due to technical limitations PS4 and Xone Rockstar will release the game on the next generation of consoles, since the current one is not able to convey the vision of the studio.

In addition, this fall, there was a leak from a man who claimed to have worked on the PS5 and saw a list of games that will be released on the new console - among them GTA 6. More, the same person claimed that it would be temporary exclusive for the next Japanese console.


But do not think that the game will not be released on PC. It's just that the studio will act in its traditional style and release boyars for PC only in a year.

Release date

Now let's move on to the fun part - when will GTA 6 be released? Who knows. All that remains is to point your finger at the sky. However, most of the leaks suggest that the games will be released in 2020-2021. According to Trevor's voice actor Stephen Auggie, the studio has always been making games for an average of 7-8 years. And if we take these words for the truth, then since 2013, when GTA 5 was released, it will be just 7 years, so the statement about 2020 or 2021 seems quite logical. Although there are rumors that the announcement is only scheduled for 2022 ...


Two conclusions can be drawn, the first is that the game will not be released soon. On the other hand, we will definitely see her no later than 2022.

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Author: Jake Pinkman