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New from HP and Samsung at CES 2019


These days in the American Las Vegas, the annual International Exhibition of Consumer Electronics - CES 2019 is taking place. All the world's leading companies working in this field have brought here their most technologically advanced gadgets and electronic devices. The specialists were interested in products of many companies. Among them are HP and Samsung.

TVs with modular displays

Samsung is actively experimenting with matrices. The company's specialists see this as our television future. So they brought the The Wall TV to the CES 2019 exhibition, which has a diagonal of 219 inches with a modular Micro LED display. Apparently for comparison, another exhibit of the company was only 75 inches.


Micro LED technology is based on the installation of modules based on self-emitting LEDs (pixels). Each of them is endowed with the ability to shine independently of the others. They do not fade and have a long service life.

Thanks to the modular design of Micro LED, it is possible to change the size and shape of the matrix. In the future, any user will be able to buy the necessary module and change the size or shape of the display of his TV. Their screens have no frames, so this procedure will be like a Lego constructor.

It will still be possible to vary the aspect ratio. The screen can be obtained in any shape - square, round, trapezoidal, etc. Dimension doesn't matter either. This will become achievable after the technology becomes mainstream thanks to Samsung's efforts.

At the moment, you can already make a preliminary order for such a device, and you can actually get the TV in a month.

Curved monitors

This type of monitor is called The Space . They are made to work. At the same time, these devices are designed with an emphasis on economy. Saving space. This allows them to be installed flush against the wall. In addition, there is a special design that allows you to move the screen and change the tilt of the screen.

The CRG9 device has a 49 "curved quantum dot display. It has a unique aspect ratio of 32: 9 and a QHD 5120 ? 1400 pixel resolution with 120Hz refresh rate and 4ms response time.


Another monitor - UR59C for those who work with graphics. Its screen has a 32-inch dimension and a high contrast ratio. According to Samsung, this type of display solves the problem of reducing eye strain during operation.

HP Laptops & Monitors

HP is actively working towards the development of business notebooks. The emphasis is on their compactness.

The company's novelty - the Specter 15 x 360 model is a transformer. This device can be fully expanded and turned into a tablet. This is the first device with an AMOLED display. It features contrast, brightness and true blacks.


The design of the product is quite common, typical of old models. Unusually located in the corner of the USB Type-C case, there are no other nuances in ergonomics. It should be noted that the laptop does not need adapters, as there is USB-A.

Its sales should begin at the end of March.

Monitors are another interesting product from HP. There is a tendency for the trend to move from the world of televisions to the world of these products. Anyone can now purchase a monitor that has a quantum dot display.

One of the first was the HP Pavilion 27 . Its production uses Quantum on Glass technology. Its strengths are high resolution and consistent color reproduction.


Lovers of gaming devices also did not go unnoticed. Created the world's first laptop with a resolution of 240 Hz - Omen 15 .

Using this frequency allows you to get the maximum smoothness of the transition in the image of games with minimum latency.


However, the matrix does not have the most advanced resolution - Full HD. This is due to the fact that the use of a higher resolution will not allow the hardware stuffing - "hardware" to cope with it. It is based on the Intel Core i7-8750H chipset and the latest cards from Nvidia. The RAM is only 16 GB DDR4 (frequency 2666 MHz), but the main memory is 128 GB SSD M.2 + 1 TB HDD 7200 rpm.

This laptop will be available to customers in February 2019.

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