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Samsung unveils a line of premium TVs with a diagonal of over 7 meters


Samsung has shown that TVs can be more expensive than cars. The company introduced The Wall family, in which each Samsung TV can be called a world record holder in two criteria: price and size. The cost of such a TV can exceed $ 1 million.

Not quite accessible TV

The presented series includes three models, the diagonals of which are 365, 548 and maximum 730 centimeters. Moreover, their thickness is no more than 3 cm, and the screen has almost no frames. Instead, the manufacturer proposes a design move - to supplement the TV with a decorative frame. As a result, Samsung TV turns into a kind of huge picture.

Internally, The Wall family is divided into two series. Their names are Luxury and Pro, while the first line is aimed at the individual consumer, and the Pro category is intended for corporate clients. During the presentation, Samsung decided not to specify which of the two series the three announced new items belong to.


At the moment, Samsung TV has become available in India, while the manufacturer has not yet announced the timing of further distribution of new products in the markets of other countries. Samsung roughly represents the size of the demand for The Wall series, based on the size and cost of TV-gadgets. However, the manufacturer is still forecasting an increase in sales of its premium TVs. So, during 2020 the company plans to sell about 30 copies, in 2021 it wants to increase this figure to 100, and in 2022 it predicts the implementation of 200 models.

Basic Features

The Wall family is not new. Back in early 2018, the Korean manufacturer showed the "smallest" model in the line. At the heart of the TV is the innovative MicroLED design, which uses screen LEDs that are much smaller than most traditional LED TVs.

For this reason, Samsung LED TVs with MicroLED technology can do without additional lighting and color filters, since each element of its display emits light itself. As a result, The Wall models, despite their huge dimensions, are energy efficient. According to the manufacturer, the micro-LEDs have a lifespan of 100,000 hours, a little over 11 years.

The smallest representative is Samsung 4K TV, which is also the most "budgetary" one. It is followed by the mid-range (in price and size) 6K model, and finally the most expensive 8K TV in the lineup. All models are equipped with a proprietary Quantum Processor Flex processor, whose task is to optimize the picture in accordance with the large diagonal dimensions. Also, The Wall TVs have a modular design, which in the future will allow you to create even larger models or, conversely, TV gadgets of a more standard size.

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