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IOS one step ahead


With each version update, Android OS gets new functions and capabilities, it becomes more stable and pleases the eye with a pleasant design.

The app developers keep up with the platform itself, but the software with great attention to detail and usability is still present exclusively for iOS. This is the opinion of many users, which may be controversial, but no one can deny the fact that there are really thoughtful and high-quality applications in every section of the AppStore.


Popular task managers for Android are offered only by subscription (, Todoist) and not everyone will find it convenient to use. In comparison, the ever-popular OmniFocus or Things 3 boast clever design and well-implemented features.


Evernote always overwhelmed and Google Keep limited - almost anything you can install on your Android mobile device for taking notes. For Apple gadgets, the choice is richer. It starts with the minimalist Bear, which supports code markup, and ends with the cumbersome and powerful DevonThink, which even allows you to create a personal encyclopedia.


According to iPhone and iPad owners, Calzy calculator is the most convenient and well-implemented calculator out of all the existing ones. They consider PDF Expert to be the best mobile application for working with PDFs, and ad blockers for Apple gadgets do not load the OS and automatically remove annoying ad banners.

Design & Creativity

In this regard, Apple devices have no equal for a long time. Among the applications for working with photos and videos are powerful photo editors Darkroom, Afterlight, RAW Power and some others. Standard iMovie and powerful Videoleap, capable of adding effects to video in real time, will perfectly help to process video sequences. The performance of the device is not lost. As for music, it's hard to find an analogue of BIAS FX for Android, which allows emulating guitar amplifiers in iOS, or KORG Gatget, which makes it possible to work with a MIDI keyboard. Notion will help you record the melody on a piece of paper, and you can fully combine the track using GarageBand.

Smartphones have their own tasks

One can argue to the point of hoarseness about whether mobile devices need professional Mac applications. Most likely not, because most of them are satisfied with the capabilities provided by the above software. Even so, Apple's gadget software remains one step ahead, allowing you to literally draw a sketch, record a demo song, mark up a PDF file, or create a handy note on the go. A huge audience of adherents of "apple" gadgets keeps, among other things, because of the possibilities provided by thoughtful software.

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