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God of War is not the same - 4 reasons why you might not like the game


The new God of War has suddenly become a sensation in the world of the gaming industry. At first, reviewers tirelessly praised the game, and then ordinary players, as we can see from Metacritic, give the adventures of the aged Kratos the highest marks with enviable regularity. But before you run after God of War in stores, if you haven't already, we will tell you about the shortcomings of the new Sony game. As they say, forewarned is forearmed.

For players who are not familiar with past games in the franchise, we have prepared another material where we tell the story of the God of War series.

Papa Kratos or 4K Family Drama

How do you remember Kratos? How do you remember from the previous parts of the series? A jet machine for killing the gods, talking only in a raised voice and at the same time not disdaining to kill innocents. And now what: the insane Spartan has settled down and is trying to establish contact with his son. This metamorphosis of the character was met ambiguously by gamers even at the first screening of the game in 2016, and after the release, the fears of some players were confirmed.

God of war

To be honest, we cannot call this an objective flaw, as discussed in our review of the game. The Spartan still retained his aggression, treats the boy with minimal respect and without any sentimentality. But the drama, wiping tears from the face of Atreus to the sad music - yes, all this will have to be seen in the game. Obviously to fans of the series and fans of the young Kratos, such a plot accent may seem out of place in God of War 2018.

Lack of epic boss fights

The most memorable of Kratos's past adventures are the enchantingly staged, incredibly brutal and brutal boss battles. Epic orchestral music thunders in the background as you climb a huge titan the size of a skyscraper, then hit it in the stomach, cut open its entrails and pierce its head with a sword. The battle is so impressive that we even dedicated a separate material to the best boss fights in the God of War series.

God of war

In addition, do not forget that there were a huge number of bosses in the series, and each battle with them was not only staged on an insane scale, but was also interesting in terms of gameplay mechanics. In God of War 2018, too, every boss fight turns into an expensive Hollywood movie, but be prepared that there will be a minimum number of them. And so that you don't get bored, the developers give players mini-bosses.

But instead of unique opponents, we meet the same Valkyries, Draugs and Trolls on our way, only with a slightly modified appearance and a different set of attacks.

Problems with the balance of difficulty levels

In total, the game has four difficulty levels, which, in theory, should be designed for all groups of players: those who like to call high-level opponents with a couple of hits, gamers who do not mind a small challenge, but do not want to spend half of the game in battles and real hardcore players. And if casual and hardcore gamers are pleased with God of War, then the second group of players from the above list is less fortunate.

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The "fun adventure" difficulty level over the first three hours of play offers an excellent balance of difficulty. But after pumping Kratos and Atreus, learning numerous combos and runic attacks, the battles can become unnecessarily simple. Do you want difficulties? Okay, then welcome to Challenge worthy difficulty and prepare for multiple battle restarts until you find the right tactics and master the timing of enemy attacks.

The challenge really turned out to be worthy, but it is unlikely that many gamers will like the hardcore challenge, and other difficulty levels turn the game into a leisurely walk through the Scandinavian worlds.

To be сontinued

It is obvious that God of War was created with an eye to numerous sequels, which makes it clear that there is no large number of boss fights with famous characters of Scandinavian mythology and a meager bestiary of opponents. Another problem with projects with a backlog of continuation is the ending, which stops the story at the most interesting place.

This sinned the ending of the recent hit Kingdom Come Deliverance, the same fate was awarded to Kratos' new adventures. The ending of the story is logical, with a wonderful boss fight and answers the main questions of the players, but the problem of incomplete story is present.

God of war game

Santa Monica also limited the number of worlds that we can get into in God of War. This flaw would not have been so striking if there were no locations on the game map where the entrance is closed. We can bridge some of the worlds, and others, sorry, expect more in a few years.

In any case, God of War is an objectively high-quality game, and even in light of the above shortcomings, we do not recommend missing this year's main console exclusive. If you don't have a Sony game console and after the release of God of War you started thinking about purchasing a console, then you can read our other material - is it worth taking a Playstation 4 in 2018.

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