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Everything You Need to Know About God of War 2018


The best game of the year, no, the best game of the generation - the new God of War critics never tire of praising. There is not a single negative review on Metacritic yet, all reviewers are inclined to believe that the new part of the popular series is at least an excellent game. It is already clear that the release of God of War will be a landmark event for the gaming industry. And if you don't have a PlayStation 4, now is the time to get a console.

We've put together all the known facts about the new Sony exclusive so you know exactly what to expect from God of War.

New setting

The continuation and at the same time the restart of the popular series of video games could not do without global innovations, the first of which is the setting of Scandinavian mythology. Over the course of 7 games, Kratos, with particular sophistication, got even with almost all the gods from Greek myths, which we recently talked about in our article. For the god of war, there were simply no worthy rivals left, so the transition to the Scandinavian setting was a natural phenomenon.

The first mentions that Kratos will travel to the homeland of fjords, snow and lush coniferous forests were noticed back in 2016, a few months before the official announcement of the game at E3 2016. There was also a possibility that Kratos' adventures could move to Egypt , but the developers decided to leave this idea, perhaps before the release of the next parts of the series. The Egyptian gods can calmly breathe out for now, Kratos will not soon come to their souls.

god of war

The Scandinavian setting is not a frequent occurrence in video games and almost never has a project of such a scale as God of War been in it. You can only remember TES V: Skyrim, in which the developers, when creating the world, started from the Scandinavian mythology. By the way, draugs, dragons, trolls and many other creatures that you met in Skyrim are creatures from Scandinavian myths, so they can be found in God of War 2018.

If you are not familiar with Scandinavian mythology, then it's okay. The developers have published a series of videos that introduce players in detail to the laws, history and creatures of Scandinavian mythology.

Plot and characters

The developers are completely changing the vector of the narrative and in the new God of War there will be a more personal story, where the main theme is the relationship between father and son. How do we remember Kratos in previous parts? He was an extremely embittered character, almost always speaking in a raised voice, a fanatic who, in order to achieve his goals, was even ready to kill the infidels. Of course, Kratos can hardly be called a true anti-hero, he was not alien to human emotions, but the death of his entire family turned him into a furious killing machine.

In the new part, the god of war settled down, grew a beard and even got a new family. But from the very beginning, the developers set up the players in a melancholic mood. According to the plot of the game, the wife of the god of war dies, and the father and son burn the woman's body and set off on a long journey to scatter her ashes.

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What didn't you expect? No one expects such a touching story from God of War and the ruthless god of war. Some gamers who got acquainted with the series on PS2 will naturally say: "What kind of Kratos is this!" But Kratos is the real one here, the head of the game development and part-time game director of God of War 2, said that yes, Kratos has changed. But at the same time, the reasons for the sudden metamorphosis of his character will be fully explained. And the demons of the past will not let Kratos sleep well.

The new God of War on PS4 will feature many more characters than in previous installments of the series. The most important of them after the god of war himself is Atreus, whose character will change along with the development of the plot. The boy absorbed the kind features of his mother and rage, determination from Kratos. Therefore, it is obvious that there will be plenty of conflicts between father and son.

Among other positive characters, there will be two brothers of the gnome, who are at enmity with each other and the wisest of people - Mimir. The antagonists of the game will be, as it should be in the series, numerous gods. The developers are in no hurry to reveal the identities of the Scandinavian celestials that Kratos will have to face, but it is already known for sure that we will meet Balder.

We should also mention the work of the translators of God of War into USA. Sony in its many hits has already shown a tremendous approach for USA to voice acting in the language of Tolstoy and Pushkin. And in the new part of God of War, they even surpassed themselves, choosing the most suitable voice actor for Kratos. I don't even want to remember the horror that was in God of War 3. I still have nightmares.


Due to the low estimates and sales of the last part of the series, it became clear that something had to be changed in the usual mechanics. And the developers did not stint on innovations. The most important innovation is that the levels are now open, multi-level and encourage players who decide to explore them. Numerous forks, shortcuts, secrets, additional quests - most of all, the world of the game resembles in its structure the one that we saw in Dark Souls.

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If players who are not familiar with the GoW series are afraid that the entire gameplay will be based on some battles, then we can assure you that this is completely wrong. Almost half of the playing time will have to be spent on puzzles, so the game will be able to please everyone: both fans of frantically tearing enemies apart and fans of intellectual entertainment.

The developers promise more than 40 hours of gameplay and will even allow you to return to the location of the God of War game after the completion of the main plot. There will be something to do, because the project has absorbed all the new trends, and therefore offers variable pumping and a crafting system. Yes, now Kratos will not run the entire game in a loincloth, as in the previous parts of the series. Forging armor, modifying weapons - all of these can be done and even will be necessary if you plan to completely finish the passage of God of War and fight against the strongest opponents.

The combat system has also undergone changes and is played like a composite hodgepodge from the previous parts of the series and Dark Souls. Kratos can still build complex combos, but you must remember to block and counterattack enemy attacks. The most important weapon is a magic ax, it can not only skillfully chop the heads of poor fellows, but also throw, use it as a boomerang.

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Kratos' son also takes an active part in the battles. Yes, despite his small stature and weak muscles, he can beat opponents well and divert their attention to himself. If necessary, you can always point him to the target for an attack or use the special skills of Atreus. And if on the minimum difficulty Kratos can cope with dozens of enemies on his own, then already on the Extreme difficulty you will not only need Atreus, you will love him like a native.


The Scandinavian theme required a completely different approach to creating music that would harmoniously blend with the world of the game. For this purpose, Sony has recruited Beer Makriri as lead composer, who has recorded over an hour of excellent, authentic music for God of War.

Unexpectedly, but most of all the soundtrack is reminiscent of that from The Witcher series. There was a place here for orchestral melodies and calm folklore tracks in the style of the Wardruna group, as well as piercing compositions with female lead vocals.

Collector's Edition

god of war collector's edition

The release date of God of War will be on April 20 soon. We recommend all lovers of quality games not to miss the new part about the adventures of Kratos, take a short vacation and go on an exciting adventure through the world of Norse mythology.

Obviously there is no point in waiting for God of War on PC, but you don't even have to buy a PS4 for a new Sony game. In all major cities of USA, you can rent a console and a game, so you can get acquainted with one of the best games of this year and do not have to spend 20 thousand rubles to buy a game console.

And if you are an ardent supporter of pitch gaming, then we advise you to pay attention to our top major games in April 2018.

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